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“We have been working with Hansen Wright for the past couple of years trying to settle issues with my dad’s estate.  Hansen Wright have performed in an outstanding manor in helping us.   I was impressed with the way that Mr. Wright connected with us. I felt that he was very attentive to our needs and had our best interest in mind. The staff has been professional and helpful whenever we have called with questions or concerns, and they have taken care of details in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Hansen Wright. I appreciate all that they have done for me and my family. It was truly a pleasure to work with them.”

– Sarah Chatterley,

Real Estate and Litigation

“We went to Hansen Wright for a private adoption. Our experience was very good. During the initial meeting they were willing to answer all of our questions and later when we found a birth mom they were great. Cherylyn Egner worked with us. She was personable and professional. I never worried that contact with the birth mom would be anything but a positive experience. Their rates were fair and I never felt like they were overcharging us or causing us any undue expense. I would absolutely recommend working with them for adoptions. Having a legal intermediary made sure that the birth mom got everything she needed, but that we didn’t pay for anything that would be beyond the scope of what was legal. When we had a few unforeseen circumstances come up (as is common in adoptions) the law firm worked quickly to assist us and make sure the adoption continued to go smoothly. And when it came time to finalize the adoption, everything was ready to go for a stress free visit to the courthouse.”

– Carey Daniels,


“We went to Hansen Wright for some legal assistance. While their professionalism was nothing less than excellent, I was impressed by something more. They took the time to truly listen to what we had to say. They not only listened to our concerns but took the time to answer all our questions. I am thankful for all their assistance.”

– Kevin Johnson

“Kasey Wright was (and is) such a blessing in my life. He helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. He has continued to be a great help to me when questions arise. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and personable. I would recommend this firm to anyone. They continue to have great customer service and such a family feel to their practice. Hiring Kasey was the best decision I could have made to make such a painful process go as quick and smooth as possible. Use this firm! You will not regret it!”

– Jaimi Robison,

Divorce and Child Custody

“My experience with this firm was only positive. All the people that I worked with were friendly, prompt, and helpful. My emails and phone calls were always returned quickly. My issue was resolved very much to my satisfaction. I can highly recommend this firm.”

– Cindylee Shipp,


“I have a great experience with this firm. I’m working with Cherylyn Egner and she has been amazing. My case is somewhat unique and she has handled each curve ball thrown. I also have appreciated how quickly she responds to my email and phone calls. It’s easy to get confused and caught up with all the “what ifs” during legal battles and Cherylyn has been good to walk me through all the scenarios. And most of all, what I appreciate most is that Cherylyn has me and my kids best interest in mind, and knowing that I have a strong advocate working on my side. I highly recommend Cherylyn Egner to anybody needing an attorney.”

– Amberlee DeFino,

Divorce and Child Custody

“Another law office referred me to Hansen Wright for their knowledge and expertise regarding trademarks. I was in the beginning stages of establishing a new company and needed advice on trademark basics. The reception was warm and conversation comfortable, as they guided me through “Trademark 101”. Hansen Wright understood my financial limitations and helped me prioritize the various actions that were needed. For a very reasonable fee, they prepared and submitted my trademark application. Most impressive was their ability to predict where it may have trouble, so it was no surprise when opposition arose. As a financially-limited underdog I was overwhelmed at my position against an opposing deep-pocketed institution. But, as an undying champion of the underdog, Tim Merrill offered a thoughtfully clever direction of focus. He earnestly presented possible outcomes, and although he was hopeful, he prudently offered a backup plan. I was comforted knowing that he could envision the point where time and money spent would no longer be fruitful. We agreed on a plan, and Tim put it into action. His work was straightforward and respectful. His clever ideas transformed into carefully crafted statements and responses to all parties involved. His work was brilliantly executed. Today, I am happy to report that Tim Merrill’s efforts have proven successful! Though opposition lurks ahead, I am completely confident that Tim Merrill and the Hansen Wright team will carefully guide me through it. I completely trust this law firm and will continue to enlist their assistance in a broad range services to ensure the legal stability of my business operations.”

– Carol Stump,

Business and Trademark

“I have had the opportunity to work with Tim Merrill from Hansen Wright for over the past two years. Tim and the rest of the firm have been fantastic to work with! I would consider myself a small client, but I have never been treated as such since I began working with this firm. Tim has always been willing to make time to meet with me and has handled all of my legal affairs to my complete satisfaction. There are many lawyers and firms to choose from, but Hansen Wright should be at the top of any list. If you need an attorney, you would be hard pressed to find a more professional group!”

– Robert Schueler,

Debt Collection and Name Change

“It’s such a pleasure working with Tim Merrill, he always handles our issues in a helpful, timely and cheerful manner!”

– Mara Sharp,

Estate Planning

“Both Cherylyn Egner and Kasey Wright did a great job handling our adoption. Thank you!”

– Stacey Peterson,


“I contacted Kasey Wright with Hansen Wright to assist me with a custody issue. He was prompt in returning all my phone calls and quick to answer all questions I had. His professional nature, knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond made the process go as smoothly as possible. He was a comfort and a blessing during a stressful situation, and helped us get the best outcome. I would highly recommend this firm and Kasey Wright to anyone!!”

– Tanielle Callaway,

Child Custody

“In my several experiences discussing legal issues with Laramie Merritt, he has consistently been able to explain complicated concepts, and give clear recommendations on how to proceed, with clear reasons behind those recommendations. I highly recommend his services, and those of the firm in general.”

– Lloyd Brown


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