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Contemplating our own deaths can be a difficult task. Having helped clients just like you for years, we know that often times this is something we don’t even want to consider. At Hansen Law, we can help relieve the burden of estate planning and the many options to choose from. We have experience in a variety of estate planning situations, including:
  • last will and testament
  • revocable trust
  • irrevocable trust
  • a Utah Advance Medical Directive (also known as a living will)
  • durable power of attorney
  • Medicaid look-back protection
  • Veteran’s Administration benefits
  • end of life planning
  • estate and gift tax reduction tools
  • and many more
Aside from the legal ramifications upon our passing, helping our loved ones to cope without burdening with the complex legal complications of Utah’s probate laws, estate planning is a must. We understand the desire to push estate planning off until we are elderly or have more assets, but proper estate planning is paramount to helping our families through the trying time of a loved ones passing. This is especially true for those with minor children in the home, should the unexpected occur. For young single adults to nominate a Personal Representative to resolve estate and probate issues is a wise decision as well. There are certain considerations we should all take upon us, including medical directives or executing a health care power of attorney in case you are incapacitated. We all have a need for a simple will or basic family trust and more established couples can greatly benefit from implementing estate and capital gains tax reduction strategies in a more sophisticated estate structure. Get the experience you need today with Hansen Law and our team of seasoned estate planning attorneys in Orem. Call today.


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