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Whether you are a college freshman signing your first lease or an experienced business owner working a multi-millions dollar deal, contracts are a part of our every-day life. Our Lehi contract attorneys can assist you in protecting your rights and safeguarding your interests. Contract drafting and construction is critical to avoid the common pitfalls that occur when an organization or individual uses “boilerplate” language. These agreements often omit the intricate details particular to your situation. At Hansen Law we negotiate the best terms for you and will draft your contracts in a way that ensure maximum protection on your part. We are also able to enforce contracts against parties who have breeched the terms in your agreement. If you are considering entering into a contract or need help years after the agreement was signed, Hansen Wright’s contract lawyers can help give you the advice and support you need.

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Our skilled contract attorneys will assist you at every stage of the contract process, from negotiations through complex litigation where necessary. Our holistic approach to legal protection means that our agreements bring maximum value. Whether you are just entering an agreement, dealing with someone in default, or being sued, Hansen Law will help protect you from false claims and maximize your interests. Call Hansen Law today.


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